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What Should You Do If You Get Jury Duty While Traveling in Your RV?

A jury duty summons is one of the most stressful and confusing occurrences for vacationing RVers or full-time travelers. Appearing for jury duty is not practical if you are across the country from the court to which you were summoned. So, what should you do if you get jury duty while traveling in your RV?

There are several steps that RVers must take to protect themselves in the event that appearing for jury duty is not plausible. The following informational article was developed to provide RVers with everything they need to know about receiving a jury duty summons while traveling.

Jury Duty

do you need to report for jury duty while traveling?

United States citizens have the legal responsibility to report for jury duty if and when they are summoned. Each state has its own exemptions list, but the majority of citizens are eligible to be selected.

Fortunately, there are exemptions available to protect citizens in the event that they are unable to attend. You must contact the local court system in which you were summoned to fill out a juror questionnaire and for additional location-specific information.

Many states allow a one-time pass for jury duty in the event of undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, or necessity.

To apply for excused or deferred jury duty service you must submit a request for a referral by phone, mail, or in person. Be sure to submit these documents as soon as possible to allow for processing.

Undue Hardship/Extreme Inconvenience

RVers who are summoned to appear for jury duty can generally request that their appearance be excused or deferred due to extreme inconvenience. You will need to follow the protocol specified by the local court system.

Do I Have to Report for Jury Duty While Traveling?

You should report as summoned for jury duty if you are on vacation and will be returning by the documented date.

Each district has its own qualifications that determine which citizens are eligible for jury duty. Generally, all citizens over the age of 18 can be selected to report for jury duty. There are exceptions to this rule, including language barriers, criminal history, or line of work.

Contact the court system in the county that you have been summoned to learn more about other potential exemptions from service.

What If I Cannot Attend Jury Duty While Traveling?

Jury duty as a full time RV traveler

It is understandable that you are not able to report for jury duty when you are traveling across the country. However, you cannot simply ignore your summons. There are certain steps that you will need to take if you receive a jury summons while on the road.

The most important thing to do is to make the court system aware that you have received your summons, take your civil duty seriously, and are simply unable to attend.

1.) Contact the Courts

Find a way to contact the court that is requesting your presence for jury duty. Use any means available, including phone, email, or by mail.

2.) Explain Your Situation

Explain your unique situation to the court system. Be sure to include details, including whether you are on vacation or traveling full-time. Send any related proof of your location and any additional evidence.

3.) Wait for a Reply

Wait to hear back from the court system. It is likely that the judge will defer your jury duty summons if you provide relative proof of your inability to attend.

Contact the Courts ASAP

Do not procrastinate reaching out to the courts. The sooner you reach out, the more likely they are to excuse your absence from jury duty.

Do Not Abuse Jury Duty Exemptions

Another important note is to never abuse the exemptions for getting out of your civil duty.  Failing to contact the courts, report for duty, and/or lying to avoid jury duty can result in a criminal charge of contempt of court. This could result in excessive fines and other potential legal consequences.

Full-Time RVers

Do you have to do jury duty while traveling full time in an RV?

Full-time RVers are often not aware that they have been selected for jury duty until after the jury has been selected. Reach out to the county clerk of the district that you have been called immediately when you are made aware of the summons.

Explain that you are a full-time RVer and out of the state. Always be polite and courteous and it is likely the courts will exempt you from duty. Remember that there is still the possibility that you may be called again in the future.

What If I Returned Home to Jury Duty Notice?

Many frequent RVers return home to find that they have missed jury duty. Contact the court system as soon as possible to explain your situation and your duty will likely be deferred to a future date.

Will I Get Summoned Again?

There is always a possibility of being selected for jury duty. This can seem like an ongoing hassle for many full-time and frequent RVers, but it is important to take this responsibility seriously. Always reach out to the court system immediately in the event of a jury summons.

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jury duty while traveling

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