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Campground Membership Resale Reviews

Customer Testimonials about Campground Membership Outlet

  • My wife and I are new to RVing but we have some friends with a KM resorts membership and we wanted to be able to go camping with them, but I wasn’t ready to commit to a timeshare membership. My wife will tell you that I research everything to death and this was no exception. You name it, I watched You tube videos, read blogs on RV sites and on one several of the sites I read about how Campground Membership Outlet helped people get exactly what they wanted. I went to their website and read all the wonderful testimonials which convinced me to contact them. Ken responded quickly with a lot of information and several options for us to be able to get a pass that will let us join our friends at the KM resorts campgrounds without committing to a timeshare membership. The information that Ken provided was priceless, saved us a lot of money and a huge bonus is that we will be able to travel to many different parks all across the country. Ken thank you again for all your help and I will recommend your company to everyone I meet. – Mike M.

  • Kimberly was awesome and incredibly helpful! Answered ALL my questions and made the process much easier! – Brad F. 
  • Kimberley was great to work with! She took the time to answer all our questions and help us pick out the best option for our travel style! – Tina Lavender
  • I first contacted Campground Membership Outlet back in early 2019.  My wife and I were in the process of becoming full-time RVers and Thousand Trails seemed like a good camping option.  Kimberly was very responsive via email but I erroneously thought that her company was selling some type of timeshare membership (my mistake!)  We proceeded to purchase a 5 zone pass directly from TT with the Encore add-on.  After a few months we became tired of the 14 days in, 7 days requirement, so in early 2020 I reached out to Kimberly via email.  Once again she was amazingly responsive.  I must have asked 200+ questions and she patiently responded to every one of them.  Wow what excellent service!  By this time I fully understood that CMO does TT membership transfers, and there is no lifetime obligation to pay.  It turns out that a membership transfer is much cheaper than doing a membership upgrade at a TT campground (many thousands of $ cheaper!)  We ended up purchasing a Platinum Plus membership that allowed us to stay 21 days back-to-back in TT parks with no time out of the system.  Double wow!  The best part was that it could be resold to a 3rd owner in the future.  The membership was almost $4,000.00 but we knew that it would pay for itself over time.  Kimberly did an excellent job and we were very pleased with the overall process. Fast forward to early 2022 and our RV had been sold.  It was time to sell our wonderful membership so once again I contacted Kimberly.  Her email replies were lightning fast and she lined up a buyer in no time.  It took a little over a month to complete but we ended up receiving a check for $2,000.00.  We picked it up in person at the CMO office in Clermont, FL.  Sadly Kimberly was out of the office but her assistant was very kind and professional. In summary, I would highly recommend Campground Membership Outlet.  Kimberly is incredibly knowledgeable about Thousand Trails and her email communication is excellent.  The company is slow to respond to phone calls.  Thank you so much Kimberly! Best regards. – Jon Whobrey.
  • Kim was fantastic from start to finish. She found the best plan for me and my wife. Strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a membership.
    – Nick D.
  • Our experience of purchasing a membership through Kimberly was great. We initially went through all of the available options and found what worked best for us and started the transfer process. In the middle of the process TT introduced their new adventure package. Kimberly made sure that we went back through all of the options again due to the new package to ensure that we were getting the features that we wanted while still saving as much money as possible. We made a few changes along the way and were confident throughout our entire process thanks to the extra time and effort Kimberly put in for us. Should we ever have a need to sell our membership, Kimberly will certainly be our first contact. Thank you Kimberly.  – Keith and Carol C.
  • As new to camping we were completely dumbfounded by all the memberships and differences/options out there! We fell lucky with Kimberly, she’s like the Oracle. She responds to your questions as fast as a paramedic, and with great enthusiastic personality, we are very happy with our purchase and savings. Thanks so much. – Ian Warburton
  • Sending Chad a virtual hi-five! Kimberly is a great employee! She is very real, transparent, knowledgeable, and puts in the extra effort. My experience couldn’t have been better. –  SJ Giaccone, aboard the Taking Freedom Inferno
  • Kimberly,We want to thank you so much for the guidance you provided with the search for our TT membership as well as the purchase and transfer procedure. The entire process, for us, was so easy. We are enjoying our travels and various campground choices and opportunities. We are telling everyone we can about your services and hope it provides you with many more satisfied clients. Thank you again. – Glenn and Julie Davis
  • Chad, we want to thank you again for selling our TT membership.
    We also want to thank you for the check we received. We appreciate it.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks. – Randy Culver
  • Hi Chad,We received the check today for the sale of our membership. Just want to say that we loved your service, that was the most effortless, smooth transaction I think we have ever made. So glad I read that article on the RV Love blog that led me to your company. If ever we run into somebody looking to sell their RV memberships, we’ll be sure to send them your way. Thanks again…Much prosperity to you and your company. – Debra & Stephen
  • Hi Chad, Just thought I’d let you know we’re enjoying our TT membership. We met a couple yesterday who have a 1 year zone pass. I dropped your name and email address to them. Most people we meet have purchased their memberships for a lot more than we paid. So, they were very interested in our story and particularly everything about you. I gave you a 5 star rating buddy. Thanks again. – Chuck Neisler
  • Received our check and thank you very much for the promptness of this transaction. Had we known about you sooner it would have relieved a lot of stress from us. Thanks again. – Jean Olson
  • Hello Chad, We just wish to thank you for the professional job you did in selling our membership. The check arrived as promised and we so appreciate the way our business was handled, ie; no hassle, no lies, expedient culmination. If you ever need any references you certainly can call on us.Kathleen & Robert Denton
  • We got our check today for the sale of our membership. It was an efficient, pleasant transaction. Thank you.Barbara
  • Thanks for your good service and for doing a great job explaining the ins and outs of buying campground memberships. You did a superior job!The Mulanix’s
  • HI want to Thank You for going the extra mile for us. We really do appreciate it. We will both do our best to send more customers your way. Thank You again and have a wonderful day. – Carol and Richard
  • Chad thanks for all your efforts. We are very pleased with your services. – Judy
  • Happy New Year!…We were out 115 days! Yes we are going to become full timers! Linda and Walt
  • Thanks so much for sending our information so quickly.  A.Miszlar
  • We’re having a great time! J.Hazard
  • Thank you so very much for your help in selling our TT membership. It was nice to have a smooth transition for both parties. You did an awesome
    job! Mike & Zoe
  • Merry Christmas…We used the membership more than 100 times since we bought it last January. R.Clortier
  • Greetings from the hillside of Texas! – Ray and Sally
  • Thank you for your patience…we look forward to utilizing our membership privileges. D.Lane
  • Thank you for providing the memberships. P.Grand
  • I had totally forgotten you pay a referral fee, until I got a check in the mail. I didn’t want to see them invest thousands. I suggested they buy a resale. Sharri
  • Having our campground membership has worked great for us! R.Johnson
  • When we decided to sell our house and live full time in an RV traveling the country, we were understandably very nervous. We did not feel 100% comfortable not knowing if we were going to be able to afford camping full time. We heard about Thousand Trails and how it was the way to go for full timers who did not want to constantly boondock and wanted campgrounds, utility hookups, community and amenities. After calling and talking to Thousand Trails directly, we felt so confused with all the different memberships and had a hard time keeping them all straight. We felt so confused which membership plan was best for us. We then learned about Campground Membership Outlet and spoke to Kimberly. We were very impressed with our first conversation with Kimberly and her knowledge of all the memberships, not only the current memberships, but all the older resale memberships. We are always so leary of anyone who is selling something, but we did not feel ANY pressure whatsoever from Kim. After that initial call, we decided to ask for more details in writing, so we sent her an email. That led to literally over a dozen more emails and multiple phone calls at all hours of the day and night, and the kicker is…Kim asked us to call her, because she genuinely wanted us to feel comfortable knowing what we were going to get. We could not believe how patient Kimberly was and how she would ask multiple questions just to find us the perfect membership that would work best for us. The thing that surprised us the most, was how detailed her emails and phone calls were. Fast forward 15 months later, we are SO grateful we found Kimberly and have the membership that we have. Kim is a true gem! Brian & Michelle
  • It is so true, there are many options available when purchasing a resale TT life membership, which became overwhelming for me personally. Feeling overwhelmed, I happened to stumble upon RV Loves excellent YouTube video on Campground Membership Outlet. It was only then, I decided I was ready to reach out and call CMO and have a chat with Kimberly Hoel. Having a professional such as Kimberly, walking you through all options available, as a resale buyer, takes away all unwanted anxiety. After carefully reviewing the resale membership options available to me at the time [including purchase price, annual dues, and high use restrictions], I decided to go with the TT Elite life Membership [81 Parks – No High Use Restrictions]. If you are considering RVing fulltime, pay very close attention to rules concerning “HIGH USE RESTRICTIONS”, which can reduce your 21 day stay to only 14 days during certain peak times of year at specified resort parks. Kimberly saved me a lot of grief by explaining in great detail all aspects of High Use Restrictions prior to my signing a membership contract. I could not have purchased a resale membership, anxiety free, without the help and guidance Kimberly provided. If you’re considering purchasing a resale TT life membership, I highly recommend giving CMO an opportunity to earn your business, it worked out well for me. Eddie Walsh
  • Kim was awesome to work with! She took so much time to get to know us and what memberships would work best for our situation. She answered all our questions (and we had a LOT of questions) quickly and in detail. We highly recommend anyone interested in memberships call or email CMO. Their friendly team walked us through every step and made buying a resale membership an easy process. “We are now out living our Full Time RV dream, thanks to Kim and her team. Michael & Tiffany
  • Kimberly & Kenneth helped us find and purchase a Membership to fit our needs. They made the purchase and transfer completely stress free. Their knowledge and expertise of the different memberships available and how they can work together was invaluable. We have already saved the cost of the membership in the short time we have had the membership. We recommend anyone interested in campground memberships contact them first. Campground memberships are not for everyone and they are not a one plan fits all. The variety of memberships they gave us made it easy to select the one that best fit our needs. For us it has been one of the best investments we have ever made. P.S. It was so nice to have dealt with someone with integrity and honesty. Thanks again Walt and Kay Collins

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