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Pet-Friendly RV Travel: How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Campgrounds

RV traveling can be an exciting experience for the entire family, including your furry companion. Bringing your dog along on your RV trip can add an element of excitement. Many dogs thrive in the great outdoors and enjoy swimming, hiking, and all the smells of nature. Do you want to learn more about pet-friendly RV Travel?

Camping with your dog can be fun but does require planning and precautions. The following informational guide will tell you everything that you need to know to keep your pup safe while RV camping.

Deciding to Camp with Your Dog

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The first thing that you need to do is to decide whether to bring your dog camping. Bringing your dog requires commitment. You will be responsible for their safety for the entirety of the trip.

Consider your dog’s temperament when deciding whether to bring them to a campground. Some dogs are happy to tag along during outdoor excursions. For other dogs camping may be a stressful experience.

Consider the Following Questions about Dog:

  • Does your dog enjoy the same types of physical activities that your family enjoys?
  • How does your dog act around other people, children, and pets?
  • Does your dog have a laid-back or more of a high-strung temperament?
  • How does your dog adjust to changes in his/her environment?

Generally, laid-back and physically active dogs enjoy themselves at campgrounds. Your dog should also be trained, listen well, and follow commands.

It may be best to consider other options if you are unsure. Aggressive, easily-stressed, and elderly dogs may prefer to stay will a friend or a boarding facility.

Choose a Pet-Friendly RV Campground

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You will need to find a pet-friendly campground before setting out on your adventure. Always thoroughly research pet campground policies. Some campgrounds prohibit pets entirely. Others are pet-friendly but still require pet owners to abide by specific policies.

Generally, campgrounds will require that your dog is leased no more than 6 feet away from you. You will need to invest in a stake or other means to secure your dog when you are relaxing outside the RV.

Most campgrounds require that pet owners remain with their pets are all times. Pets are not allowed to be left alone, even inside the RV.

Prevent Ticks

Prepare your dog to go camping before setting off for an outdoor adventure. Ticks carry a wide range of potentially life-threatening illnesses, including Lyme Disease. Ensure that your dog is up-to-date on their flea and tick treatments before your trip. Bring tweezers for tick removal.

Pack for Your Dog

Bring everything that your dog will need during your camping trip, including a pet bowl, dog food, and plenty of drinking water. Pack a dog bag with all of the items necessary to keep your pet hydrated during hikes. You can purchase an adjustable dog backpack for larger dogs to wear during your hike.

Bring Dog First-Aid Supplies

Pack a first-aid kit for your dog during all outdoor excursions. You can build your own kit with saline, a syringe, antiseptic cream, and various-sized bandages.

Pack Dog Treats

Remember to pack dog treats and snacks. There are numerous distractions outdoors, including other pets, wildlife, people, etc. Dog treats may help deter your dog from wandering off or putting his/herself in a dangerous situation.

Snacks are a great incentive for your dog to listen to important commands, encourage positive behavior, and could potentially save your dog’s life in a dangerous situation.

Invest in a Dog Life Vest

Dog life vests are crucial if you plan on any boating activities on your camping trip. These life-saving tools are important regardless of your pet’s swimming abilities.

Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Keeping your dog hydrated while camping is critical. Dogs are prone to heat exhaustion and could potentially suffer from a fatal canine stroke.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion:

  • Lethargic
  • Heavy Panting
  • Red or Blue Gums
  • Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

Heat exhaustion can lead to a seizure, stroke, and be fatal if left untreated. Immediately move your dog to the shade and provide water if any signs of exhaustion are evident. Call your veterinarian immediately if serious signs occur.

Elderly and/or overweight dogs are at an increased risk of suffering from heat exhaustion. Canine breeds that have difficulty breathing are also more suspectable to this condition.

Don’t Put Food Outside the RV

Dog food could potentially attract bears, coyotes, and other unwanted visitors. Leaving dog food outside the RV will increase the risk of potentially dangerous wildlife encounters.

Stay with Your Companion

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The best way to keep your dog safe is to keep them by your side at all times. Do not leave your dog alone for any reason. Dogs can be potentially distracted by other RVers and their pets.  Be sure to keep your dog on a leash to prevent any hazardous conditions. You should be especially cautious while hiking.

The noises outside your RV have the potential to disrupt your dog and other campers Many campers also choose to sleep with their dogs to keep them safe, happy, and quiet at night.

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