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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Camping over Hotels

Campgrounds over Hotel StaysCamping is a popular choice among families, especially those looking for adventures, festivals, and other unique experiences. Camping in the 21st century isn’t the same camping from back in the days, with leaky tents and uncomfortable sleeping bags on the ground.

Today’s camping is considerably more comfortable with waterproof, windproof tents and cozy camping beds. And don’t forget “glamping” in an RV or cabin with furniture and amenities including running water, electricity, and more! All the recent improvements to camping make it a great option for those who want to bond with their families, enjoy the great outdoors, and not spend a fortune for a hotel “experience.” Here are the top five reasons to choose camping over a hotel stay:

1.  Freedom, Views, and Location, Location, Location

While hotels do offer an indoor location complete with a private bath, they don’t deliver the free-spirited experience that comes along with camping. Camping affords you and your family the freedom to set your schedule and explore wherever you want. You can even move your tent if you get tired of your location! On top of that, camping delivers expansive views you could never experience in a hotel, even in the most expensive suite. When camping, you choose your view, and it is one, unlike the four walls and window of a hotel room, which changes scenes from sunrise to sunset, and well into the night.

2.  Unplugged for Stronger Relationships

 Unlike hotels, camping allows you and your family to unplug from today’s technology, and instead, enjoy the great outdoors as well as the family. In a hotel, phones, television, and other tech gadgets are a constant temptation and can prevent true family connections, which develop stronger relationships. Camping opens the door for conversations, memories, and bonding time.

3.  Expansive Spaces Without Interruptions

 At the campground, there is no need to worry about rowdy guests in the room next door or on the floor above you. Should you encounter noisy neighbors, you can simply move to a new campsite, more off the beaten path. Plus, camping provides more space for everyone because although nights are spent in the tent together, the whole camping experience allows for exploration and free play.

4.  Develops a Love for the Great Outdoors

 Hotels can provide luxury accommodations and experiences, no doubt, but camping promises the development of a love for the great outdoors. Family members can discover their adventurous side and learn respect for wildlife and nature, while climbing, swimming, hiking, and more. Camping also promises bigger, bolder memories not only of the trip’s destination but all the ‘little things’ that make it so much fun!

 5.  Less Expense and Furry Family Members are Welcome

Quite simply, camping is less expensive than a hotel stay. Plus, most camping locations are pet friendly, so your furry family members can join in on the fun! Hotels typically cost at least twice as much as a RV adventure which makes camping a budget-friendly alternative, while it also delivers all the perks listed above.

Are you ready to experience the benefits along with the fun of camping? Let’s get packing!


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