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Tips for Driving RV in the Winter

Winter camping can be a fun and rewarding experience for year-round adventurers and their families. However, without adequate preparations and planning, winter weather, including hail, snow, and/or ice can present potentially dangerous situations. There are certain things that RV owners should do before heading out this winter. Check out our tips for driving RV in the winter.

Winter RV Inspection

How to prepare your RV for Winter driving

RVs should be inspected inside and out before traveling any time of year. However, this is never more important than during the winter months. There are several things that should be inspected and verified before heading out, including headlights (low and high beams), brakes, tires, and batteries.

RV Tires

Worn tires are not safe on roads with ice or snow. Tires that are worn, or with little to no tread, significantly increase the risk of sliding and an automobile crash.


Batteries experience unavoidable issues when cold weather strikes. Stop at a local repair shop to have your battery levels checked before venturing out on the open road.

Pack Extra Supplies

what to bring on a winter RV trip

It is important to be prepared any time of year, but caution is critical during the winter months. Winter weather can put campers in unpredictable and life-threatening situations. Pack more essentials than you plan to need during the trip.

Supplies Should Include:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Fuel
  • First Aid Kits
  • Extra Blankets

Prepare for the worst. It is important to have an excess of these essential items in the event that winter weather leaves you stranded.

RV Handling

how to safely drive an RV in the winter

RVs handle winter weather differently than cars, making them especially dangerous on ice and wet roads. Drivable RVs are rear-wheel drive. This means that they operate with the back wheels and use the front wheels for steering. Rear-wheel drive vehicles are more difficult to handle and more dangerous in the event of an auto collision.

Towable RVs are easier to handle but can still experience dangerous situations on the winter roadways. All RVers should practice safe winter RV handling tips.

Tips for Driving RV in the Winter: 

  • Drive Much Slower Than Usual
  • Be Cautious of Bridges (Bridges Freeze Much Faster Than Roadways)
  • Use Low Beams
  • Turn off Exhaust Brake
  • Brake Slowly
  • Leave Plenty of Space Between Vehicles

It is also important to pull over and stop when you feel tired or if road safety is questionable.

Schedule Frequent Stops

Tips for Driving RV in the Winter

It is always important to plan when and where to stop on long RV trips. This is especially important in the cold winter months because of the potential for adverse weather conditions. Before heading out, decide where you will stop along your trip to rest.


Always check local forecasts for the areas that you will be traveling to each day. Remember that certain locations in the country are not accustomed to winter weather. This means that if a snowstorm were to occur, they would not have the necessary equipment and protocol to clear the roads quickly or effectively.

Snow accumulation and ice can create dangerous road conditions for travelers even in areas that are accustomed to winter weather. Always have a backup plan and leave earlier than required to make it to your final destination.

Adverse Weather

Driving any vehicle, including an RV, is not safe in the event of adverse weather conditions. Sometimes, the weather can be unpredictable, and storms hit without warning. When dangerous weather occurs, it is important to pull over when it is safe to do so.

This may require RVers to stray from their campground plans but is critical for the safety of you and your family. Call local campgrounds to find a spot to rest if roadways do not feel safe.

Campground Memberships Save Money

Save money on the campground stops by investing in a campground membership. Campground memberships provide RVers with discounts at campgrounds across the country. This allows RVers to preschedule stops, anticipate the duration of driving, frequency and locations of stops, keeping themselves rested and family safe.

Campground Membership Outlet

Campground Membership Outlet has been helping RVers around the country save money on campground memberships for over 20 years. An expert team will happily review your RV camping needs and find a campground membership that changes the way you travel.

Campground Membership Outlet has previously owned campground memberships available. This provides RVers with the opportunity to own a membership for thousands of dollars less than normal pricing. Driving an RV in the winter can be tricky and we hope that our tips will help you prepare and stay safe on the road.

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