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Safe Camping in the Social Distancing Era

safe camping is still possible during covid with masks and social distancing

We are months into quarantine and social distancing. The urge to venture out and leave your little bubble in your home is always hanging over you. Although weekly dinner nights at your favorite restaurant and catching a movie at the local movie theater can be difficult to impossible right now, safe camping is an activity you can still absolutely take part in. Getting outside in the fresh air, exploring nature, and taking in the world’s beauty is both healthy and good for you! 


While close-contact outdoor activities are not the best option, by enjoying the great outdoors while maintaining a safe distance from others and following some simple tips and protocols, you can be sure to continue to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, doing things that you enjoy can be therapeutic and a huge stress reliever in these difficult times. 


Camping COVID-19 Style

Camping is an all-time favorite for all ages! You do not have to be a die-hard and experienced camping fanatic to rough the outdoors in your RV for a night or two. Safe camping is something you can enjoy in your own backyard or locally; especially while travel is risky and most attractions, airlines, and destinations remain closed or only partially operating. 

Stay Local

For minimal risk, try to avoid any travel by airplane, bus, or train to keep contact with others at a minimum. There are many destinations to be found at Campground Membership Outlet. Taking your RV is the safest option to ensure that you are only surrounding yourself with those whom you are social distancing with in your household. Make sure to follow all safety measures, stay socially distanced and wash your hands when stopping for food, gas, rest and/or bathroom breaks.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Before leaving for your trip, ensure that you make a list of all items that you need to prevent having to stop unnecessarily along the way. Your list should include:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Toilet Paper
  • Toiletries
  • Clothes
  • Medical Supplies
  • Entertainment
  • Social Distancing Supplies (hand sanitizer, soap, extra masks, cleaning supplies, hygiene tools, etc.) 

Bring That Mask!

Be sure to mask up any time you are in contact with others at the campground. In any common area, it is protocol to wear your mask. Face coverings are said to prevent the spread of COVID-19 significantly. Be sure to be aware of the park rules and to follow them. Adherence to any adjustments for the pandemic is crucial to be sure to not ruin it for yourself and others and to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Only Travel With Those in Your Household

Within your RV should only be those that you are quarantined with. If you choose to camp with friends, make sure to take separate cars or RVs and to sleep separately in another tent or RV. When you are together, make sure you are outside to avoid contamination and at least six feet apart. 

Caution Common Area Bathrooms

Be cautious if you use a common bathroom at a camp site. While it is nice to avoid using the great outdoors as your bathroom, be extremely careful while using the shared facilities. Wear gloves and use that hand sanitizer to be sure to not spread and pick up germs. If you are able, use the bathroom in your RV or find somewhere outside. 

Be Cognizant With Trash

Make sure to dispose of your trash properly. Some campsites may have closed community dumpsters due to the pandemic. Be sure to research the protocols and if need be, bring your own trash bags to make sure you are properly disposing of your trash to avoid spreading any germs. 


Overall, the pandemic does not have to place a damper on your safe camping fun! You are still able to head out and have a great time while maintaining your health and the health of others around you. Stay aware and informed and you will be sure to have a fun and safe time! Happy Camping! 

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