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RV Camping in The Fall: Maintenance Tips

Beautiful fall weather has many families eager to load up their RVs and visit campgrounds around the nation. Cooler days and nights make fall the perfect weather for RVers to enjoy day hikes and warm nights by the campfire. In preparation for your trip, check out our RV maintenance tips.

It is important for the safety of your family and recreational vehicle to ensure that your RV is ready for the road before any camping adventures this fall. This will require owners to properly inspect and prepare their vehicles for travel.

The following informational guide was created to provide RVers with everything they need to know to get their RV road-ready, keep it operating at its best, and ensure a safe RV camping experience this fall.


RV Maintenance Tips for this Fall

Proper RV Maintenance is critical to ensuring that your RV lives a full life and operates at its optimal potential. Neglecting to maintain your vehicle can result in costly repairs.

The following maintenance inspection checklist covers everything that RVers must do before they get their vehicle out on the road for camping this fall.

Maintenance Inspection Checklist

This inspection should include:

  • Tires Condition
  • Tire Air Pressure
  • Exterior (For Cracks, Leaks, Other Damages)
  • Check Fluids (Power Steering, Transmission, Oil, Brake, Windshield Wiper)
  • Check Pipes
  • Inspect Appliances
  • Check Lights
  • Examine Generator
  • Check Windows and Air Vents
  • Brakes

Checking these elements before you drive is the key to preventing avoidable issues, including breakdowns, repairs, and lost time.


It is important to check the wear on your tires to ensure that they are safe for the road. The tread on your tires will indicate whether your tires are still in proper condition. Use a tread depth gauge to check your tires manually. A tread reading below 2/32 of an inch is an indication that your tires need to be replaced.

Use a heavy-duty tire gauge to check the pressure of your tires manually. You can find the recommended PSI for your vehicle’s tires inside the door.

UV exposure can also damage the sidewalls of your tires (a reminder of the importance of RV storage). Check for any cracks, rubber damage, or visible cords on the sidewalls. These are indications that your tires must be replaced.

Safety Devices

You must also be sure to check that all safety devices inside your RV are functioning properly. This includes your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguishers. Check the date on your fire extinguisher to ensure that it is still credible.


Basic RV maintenance tips

You must prepare your vehicle for camping by replacing, filling, and charging necessary items. This includes:

  • Flushing Your Water System
  • Adding Fluids (Antifreeze)
  • Charging Batteries
  • Replacing Propane Tanks
  • Change Filters

You must also be sure that your RV is equipped with all of the necessary emergency supplies, including first aid kits, medications (check dates), tools, and extra vehicle fluids.

Other Important Maintenance Tips

There are several important tips that should be followed as part of your RV maintenance plan this fall. These tips include:

  • Only use distilled water for your batteries.
  • Take the time to vacuum out your RV’s heating and cooling vents.
  • Filter your water supply by adding a ½ cup of bleach to your water supply and letting it sit for 24 hours. Then run the water through the lines.

You should also wash the interior and exterior of your vehicle after every camping trip.


RV maintenance checklist and tips

RVs are suspectable to damages from water, sun, dust, and other ailments. To avoid these issues, you must properly store your RV when you return from your trip.

First, you must prepare your RV to sit unoccupied by removing all perishable items from your vehicle. Be sure to remove all food items, empty all trash bins, and clean throughout.

Water damage is the most common destroyer of recreational vehicles. Make sure that your RV is covered at all times. Invest in a waterproof RV cover to protect your vehicle and covers to protect your tires.

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Fall RV camping

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