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RV Maintenance: Important Tips for Monthly, Seasonal, and Yearly Use

rv maintenance is critical to a successful camping experience

Your RV serves as both transportation and shelter, and so RV maintenance is crucial to your camping experience.


Even if all of the awesome perks and gadgets it offers are not always utilized, it is important to constantly maintain them to ensure the best performance and resale value. Nobody likes turning on a faucet just to see no running water–or even worse, putting the key in the ignition and not getting a start. When it comes to your RV, you have a plethora of features and systems to check in on and fine tune. This guide from Campground Membership Outlet will walk you through some of the major components that will need a little TLC.


Most do not utilize their RV on a regular basis. Therefore, it is important to understand that some components must be checked up on more frequently than others. Here’s what you need to know about RV maintenance for different degrees of usage:


there are many rv maintenance items you should address every month

  • Test Safety Features: We depend on smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to keep us safe in threatening situations. Make it a point to test and clean these features of your RV often. The safety of you and your family is paramount!
  • Generator: Check in on that generator once a month! Being regular with this is really where you will get the most longevity. Gasoline inside the generator can go bad when left untouched. In short, crank it on on the 1st of every month, turn on the A/C to get it working, and let it run for about a half an hour. You want to give it about 50 percent load monthly to work with.
  • Generator Oil: Just like a vehicle, you must check and maintain the oil. For most, there is a dipstick that makes this task simple. Top off the oil if you find it necessary depending on each individual generator.
  • Battery: Take a look under the hood and check the battery’s water level. In the event that you need to top off the level, using distilled water is recommended.
  • Run It: Just like a car that sits in the driveway for a while, these massive machines need to run regularly; your RV’s engine and axles will thank you! Take it for a trip or two around the block just to get everything flowing. This also is a great way to check for proper function.
  • Inspect Under the Hood: Peek under the hood and check for leaks, clean out any debris, and make sure everything is snug and fastened.
  • A/C: The last big one on our monthly maintenance list is the A/C. When not used daily. The A/C can become clogged. Be sure you are regularly running it and cleaning the filter.


many parts of your rv should be addressed with maintenance every month

  • Pest Control: Be sure to check for pests and bugs and if you encounter any, set traps and be sure to spray. Check all areas where bugs or rodents and reseal any areas you find that allow them easy access to your RV.
  • Wax: Waxing your RV a few times a year will certainly help to preserve the lust and new feeling of it. It will preserve the paint and aid in preventing scratches and damages.
  • Tires: Check in on those tires. Evaluate the wear on the treads and the tire pressure and make any patches, fills, or repairs if necessary.


even if you only camp once per year, rv maintenance is still an essential task

Even if you skipped a year using your RV, check in on certain things to avoid any surprises down the road.


  • Brakes: Get those brakes serviced. Just like a vehicle, it is essential that you have a professional check out the brakes and brake pads.
  • Other Features: Take a few moments to play around with all of the extra features that your RV has to offer. Ensure that the navigation, blind spot monitoring, televisions, and other assets inside your RV are operating properly.
  • Propane: Lastly, it is important that you make sure that the propane is topped off and that there are not any leaks. Having a professional come out and take a look is important. It is recommended that this is inspected every 5k miles or annually, depending on which you reach first.


Keep a log of everything! Staying organized through all of this RV maintenance can get a bit tricky. Find somewhere to jot down what you inspected, repaired, and replaced, and when. Keeping up with maintaining your RV will guarantee you smooth trips and adventures every single time!

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