Pros and Cons of Camping in an RV During the Winter Months Pros and Cons of Camping in an RV During the Winter Months

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Pros and Cons of Camping in an RV During the Winter Months

You want to get the most out of your recreational vehicle, so don’t let the winter months put a freeze on the fun. Enjoying the slopes, snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice fishing, or just gazing at a beautiful snowy landscape are experiences you won’t want to miss. RVing can be a year-long event as long as you are aware of the pros and cons of winter RVing.

Water Winterization

Many people winterize their RVs in order to store them for the colder months, but winterizing your RV doesn’t mean that your vehicle is out of commission until the warm weather returns. It can also mean that you can take it out on the road when the temperature drops below freezing.

Protecting pipes and water tanks from freezing and cracking is your first priority. The downside is that you’ll have to stock up on other options for water. From extra gallons of water to fresh water hoses, your winter water needs will be quite different from the other seasons so do your research and be prepared.

Staying Warm

Chilly nights and damp mornings aren’t very enticing, but these cons of winter RVing can be countered by bringing your own heating supply. Aside from making sure you’ve got extra sweaters, socks, and warm, fuzzy pajamas, you can also make use of heated blankets and electric heaters to fend off the chill.

TIP: Don’t forget to make use of nature’s own heater. Whenever possible, park your RV in a sunny location to take advantage of the natural heat source.

Choosing the Right Campground

Don’t assume that your favorite summer campground will be available to you in the winter. Many resorts close at the first sign of snow, limiting your camping options. Make sure you do your research to avoid disappointment.

No matter what the weather, Campground Membership Outlet can help you make the most out of your RV adventure so give us a call at 1-800-272-0401. With over 25 years of experience, our experts can help you save money and find the perfect resort program to meet your needs.

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