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What it Actually Takes to Own an RV

RV owners have the ability to travel the country, enjoy the country’s beautiful national parks, and explore lesser-known gems hidden in remote locations. Many people are drawn to RV ownership as a way to travel without the expenditure of hotels, and while this is true, RV is not without costs and an RV membership to campgrounds may be the most economic choice for you. 

Owning an RV is a responsibility that not everyone can handle. There are many financial expenses, including the cost to purchase a recreational vehicle, fuel, and maintenance. There are also unexpected costs that can arise. 

This informational guide was created to help those who are considering RV ownership, decide if they are ready for the responsibility. We will explore what it actually takes to own an RV.

Purchasing an RV

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Many people experience unpleasant surprises when they purchase an RV. RV’s can be an expensive investment. It is wise to consider several factors when deciding whether it would be best to purchase a new or used RV.

New RV’s can be very steep in price, but typically come with warranties, and may be less likely to need repairs in the near future. 

The cost-savvy option is to purchase a used RV; however, this will require some research. Just like with buying a used car, you want to ensure that a used RV is in good shape, has low mileage, and received regular maintenance.

It is important to have a mechanic examine the vehicle thoroughly before you purchase to check for signs of serious damage.

Used RV’s can also possess the added benefit of having customizations and/or upgrades from the previous owner. If done successfully, a used RV can be a wise, rewarding, and cost-efficient option.

Regular Expenses

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There are several expenses that can be expected with RV ownership, these include:

  • Gas
  • Campground Fees 
  • Regular Vehicle Maintenance 
  • Repairs
  • Storage

RVs are not known for their fuel efficiency. The costs to fill up an RV are steep and a big expenditure for regular campers.

Campground fees are also a large expense for RV owners. Depending on the amenities available, campgrounds typically charge a lot fee, electricity fee, and water fee, on a nightly basis. These vary by the campground but add up quickly. 

Just as with any vehicle unexpected expenses can arise. These can be costly. The more time a vehicle spends on the road, the more likely it is to need repairs, and RV repairs can be expensive.

Proper RV Storage

It can also be expensive to store your recreational vehicle when you are not traveling. This is a serious issue that needs to be considered before purchasing an RV. There are places that can be rented for your RV storage, these range in price depending on conditions of storage.

Before you store your RV, be sure that you have prepared the inside to be vacant for a while. This means ensuring that it is thoroughly clean (trash bins and refrigerators are emptied). Forgetting to do so could lead to a very unpleasant experience upon your return. 

The important thing is that RV owners protect their investment from damages while it is being stored. RVs are susceptible to damages from the sun’s UV rays, debris, water, dust, and more.

No matter which type of storage you choose, even if it is covered, you must invest in a waterproof RV cover. 

Ways to Cut Costs of RV Ownership

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There are several ways to cut down on the costs of RV ownership, several include:

  • Regular maintenance can prevent serious issues down the road.
  • Watch for signs of water leakage. Water damage is notorious for destroying the life of an RV.
  • A campground membership helps RV owners travel at lower rates to campgrounds throughout the country.

Investing in a campground membership is a smart way to save money on several aspects of RV camping. 

The right campground membership can provide RVers with numerous perks and benefits, including discounts on campground accommodation fees. 

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It is crucial that RVers choose only a reputable company to ensure an honest, worthwhile experience, and to find the right campground membership. 

The professionals at Campground Membership Outlet have been serving the RV community for over 20 years. Their mission is to help RV owners find the best RV memberships for their specific travel needs. 

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