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Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift Idea? Give the Gift of Travel with an RV Park Membership

America is a vast and fascinating country, with thousands of miles of open road and adventure out there. Many people, especially those nearing retirement age, find few things as enjoyable as hopping in an RV and going exploring. We’ve created a guide that explains why an RV park membership is a perfect present for your RV-ing mom this year!

Why An RV Park Membership

If your mom is an avid RVer there are few more useful and thoughtful gifts than a campground membership. She’ll think of you every time she pulls into a new campground. Most park memberships are really network memberships. Instead of getting you access to a single park you have dozens or even hundreds available.

There are a lot of good options out there, including:

  • Thousand Trails
  • K/M Resorts of America
  • Coast to Coast

Depending on which network you choose they’ll have access to parks in different areas. This lets them camp either free or at a greatly reduced rate. Most full-timers find campground fees and gas to be their biggest monthly expenses. This makes an RV pass one of the greatest gifts for RV campers.

Picking Your Park Network

Don’t just buy the first RV network pass you come across. You need to find out the specific details of the network, if there are any other fees, and whether your mom would actually use it.

Do Your Research

Make sure you look beyond the marketing material before buying a camping pass. Check out RV park review sites to see what the situation on the ground is. You should also find out how the pass renews.

If you’re looking to buy them a pass in perpetuity, great! If not, you need to make sure it won’t auto-renew on your credit card. Some low-quality RV park memberships are similar to timeshares. Once you’re in it’s hard to get out.

Don’t Forget to Check With Her

You may find a perfect park, but is it a park your mom wants to visit? When buying a major subscription like an RV camping pass make sure you run it by them first. You don’t have to mention it to your mom directly. Find out from your dad where they camp most often. You don’t want to buy them a top of the line membership to a network in Florida only to discover they prefer the Southwest.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix and Match

Gifting an RV park membership is just about the most useful present you can get your RVing mom for Mother’s Day. Even better, you’ve got plenty of choices for park networks and locations. If she doesn’t love the first network you can always switch it up for next year.

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