Best National Parks with Waterfalls to Visit With an RV Best National Parks with Waterfalls to Visit With an RV

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Best National Parks with Waterfalls to Visit With an RV

An RV is an amazing way to travel because it gives you the freedom to roam where you please while providing all the amenities of a home. In addition to the comfort and convenient perks of traveling in an RV, are the incredible places you can visit and enjoy the scenery. If you love experiencing the magic of waterfalls, make sure to head to these national parks to see some of the best in the country.


Located in the western half of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Yosemite has 21 major waterfalls ranging up to 2,425-feet high. The legendary Yosemite Falls is the tallest, while Bridalveil Fall, standing at 620 feet, is perhaps the most photographed. Many of the falls are easily accessible for people of all fitness levels, although others require some strenuous hiking.


Tucked into the northwest corner of Wyoming, Yellowstone is the first, and arguably, the most beautiful national park in the country. While places like Old Faithful steal the show, the park has 290 waterfalls that are every bit as breathtaking. The size of the waterfalls pale in comparison to Yosemite, but with a backdrop of bison, forests, and rock formations, it’s stunning.

The Great Smoky Mountains

The west has far more national parks than the east, but the Great Smoky Mountains are definitely worth paying a visit, especially if you want to see some waterfalls. With 85 inches of rain a year, these waterfalls display a mystique that’s unlike anywhere else. Head to the 120-foot Mingo Falls in Tennessee to see the tallest and most popular.

Grand Canyon

While the Grand Canyon is the obvious main attraction of this park, don’t forget about Havasu Falls. It’s a 10-mile hike to get here, but you can get out of the RV and enjoy the 70-degree year-round temperatures.

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