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Best National Parks for Watching Sunsets

family camping watching sunset at national park

A sunset is absolute bliss! Watching the colors of the sky slowly and decadently melt into each other as they paint the horizon is a beautiful, peaceful, and soothing experience. Sunsets have a way of making the most stressful and difficult day better. Some of the best memories from a vacation or a camping trip are made of sunsets: beautiful, red, purple, and golden sunsets. They look even better at some of America’s best national parks! 


Heading to the top of a peak for the best sunset view, or gazing out over a swampy meadow while the sky fades from vibrant to dark is a truly amazing experience. National Park sunsets make for great photo opportunities and are an amazing way to experience the park at the end of the day. 


Badlands National Park

sunset in badlands national park in south dakota

Badlands National Park is home to the most fascinating rock formations. The terrain is decorated in “craggy” rocks. The jagged shape is evidence of erosion while fossils buried in the rocks begin to reveal themselves. A geological story is told in the park, and these rocks at sunset are dreamy, jaw dropping, and take the spotlight. Badlands National Park offers many viewing areas for sunsets to admire the unique and fascinating landscape as the last of the daylight shines over the rocks. 


If you are searching for elevation, there is a particular area, Pinnacles Overlook, that is widely popular and perfect for sunsets. There are two hiking trails that lead to this point, so you can take your pick and this will help to weed out populated trails. 


It is said that in the “blue light” time of the day, which is about a half hour after the sun sets, the sky is dark blue. It is then that the pinnacles are magical to observe. The light from the moon chimes in to enhance this beauty.


Grand Canyon National Park

sunset in grand canyon national park, arizona

Grand Canyon National Park  is a sight for sore eyes at sunset. Taking in the beauty of the setting sun in this magnificent park is sure to be breathtaking from anywhere in the park. It is said that the iconic panoramas are unlike any other in the US. When questioned with where is best to watch the sunset from within the park, is a tie between two viewing areas. Yaki Point is a remote lookout with fantastic views of the Grand Canyon. Mather Point is also very beautiful, but tends to be more crowded. Yaki Point has a shuttle bus if you are not able to or do not want to hike for the view. 


When the sun sets, the Grand Canyon comes alive with a multitude of colors, shadows, and views. When the sun creeps behind the plateau of the canyon, you witness the Grand Canyon go dark. It is a sight to remember and an amazing way to experience the Grand Canyon. 


Acadia National Park

sunset in acadia national park, maine

Acadia National Park  is one of the most highly visited and best national parks in the US. Featuring high rocky headlands that go up and down the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, the park is breathtaking. Cadillac Mountain is known to be a spectacular spot to take in the beauty of the setting sun. The mountain is 1,530 feet and is the highest point in the entire park. Although the views are out of this world, they come with crowds.


There is a lighthouse known as the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse that has a lot to offer. Access to the lighthouse requires parking and walking along a path. Another alternative is Otter Point, which offers about 2 miles of spectacular views. Eagle Lake is usually a busy area for boaters during the day, but at night, it provides for a great spot to end the day. Along any of the cobblestone beaches within Acadia National Park, you will be sure to catch the radiance of the setting sun reflecting off of the water as the lush forests and rugged mountains dance along the horizon.


Maine offers quite beautiful weather in the summer months to take a late afternoon hike ending in glowing sunsets. Just be sure to remember your flashlight for the walk back after the darkness takes over! Once the sun goes down, the views of the stars are also said to be amazing.


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