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Advice for Camping in the Midwest this Fall

Camping in the Midwest can be cold during the fall, but you might have been lured into the experience with photos like couples enjoying a drink of hot coffee as the sun rises. However, if you’re not used to the cold follow some of these tips to make the most out of your trip:

  • More variety of camping spots: During the fall season there is a significantly lower amount of people flocking to the campgrounds. Therefore, you have a greater chance of ending up with a great spot at a rate that’s lower than usual.
  • Mayfly hatching season: One of the benefits of camping in the fall is that the number of bugs will be greatly reduced. However, if you go camping just after the mayfly hatching season then you might find many mayfly carcasses that can create an unaccommodating atmosphere.
  • Firewood: Due to lower temperatures (especially at night) you’ll need to use a lot more firewood, so plan ahead of time. Also, the cooler/dryer weather can cause you to dehydrate a lot sooner without realizing it so, don’t forget the water.
  • Camping mat: Many people concentrate on insulating themselves from the air, however, a number of studies have shown that it is a lot more beneficial to concentrate on insulating yourself from the cold ground. So bringing a camping mat to place under the sleeping bag is ideal.
  • Camping gear: Make sure to have the appropriate gear for fall camping, such as a 4-season tent and a sleeping bag rated for low temperatures. Consider using a heated blanket or hot water bottle for extra warmth.
  • Cooking: The cooler temperatures can affect the way you cook, so bring a portable stove or grill for outdoor cooking. Pack warm and filling meals, such as chili or stew, to help keep you warm from the inside out.

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  • Nature activities: Fall is a great time to take advantage of the scenic beauty and unique activities the Midwest has to offer. Hiking, apple picking, and visiting nearby vineyards are just a few options to enjoy during your camping trip.
  • Safety: Be prepared for any weather changes, such as strong winds or sudden rain showers. Make sure to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather, such as finding a nearby cabin or motel. And don’t forget to bring a first aid kit and a GPS device for added safety.

There’s lot’s to explore during the fall camping season! Check out our available  parks to get your trip planning started.

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