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5 Essential Tips for Saving Money On Your RV Vacation

When it comes to RV trips, every dollar you save is another dollar you can put to adventure. While RV trips have become more popular, those costs are definitely not heading in the right direction for vacationers.

While others may be okay with the increasing costs of these trips, smarter vacationers know the value of their dollar over the course of their days off. If you’re amongst that group of RVers, here are 5 great money saving tips for your next RV vacation.

1. Choose the Best Destination

There are many different reasons to go on an RV trip. Some vacationers wish to connect with nature. Others wish to do the tourist stuff in various cities all at once. The type of trip, and the destinations, you choose will impact the cost of your trip.

If you’re looking for a budget trip, generally try to avoid big cities. Cities like New York and Chicago may be a great option, but will typically have more expensive campsites and the cities themselves are more expensive.

For a cheaper option, consider a nature trip for your family. Camping, hiking, and enjoying natural springs are all possible on a nature trip.

2. Drive During Shoulder Season

Shoulder season is the “off” season for RVing. While RVing may be popular, it still has its peak seasons. During shoulder seasons, you’ll see cheaper campground rates and better deals all around.

These seasons change year to year and vary by location. Perhaps there’s a rainy couple of weeks on the schedule or the cold weather is really hitting hard. If you don’t mind that hassle, take advantage of this time of year.

3. Shop Around For Cheap Fuel

While driving an extra 20 miles for a few cents on gas may seem pointless, every little bit counts, especially for an RV. Filling up can be generally expensive, and those pennies sure add up. Look around for cheaper gas options using the web.

4. Use that Kitchen

Every budgeting specialist knows that cooking is cheaper than eating out. But, when you’re on vacation, you may feel a great urge to eat at restaurants or convenient fast food stops.

Our best piece of advice: don’t! Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get to enjoy even more quality time with your family.

5. Make a Budget!

The most important way to save money is to plan a budget. By setting specific limits on what you can spend, you’ll have an easier time limiting your expenses and not going overboard.

Make sure to set aside funds for emergencies/discretionary funds, as plans do tend to change on an RV vacation.

Are You Ready For Your Budget RV Vacation?

Now that you know how to save money when taking an RV vacation, go ahead and do it! You’ll be able to have more fun on your trip when you’re not worried about how empty your wallet is feeling.

For more tips about Rv trips, how to plan them, and where to go, and how to SAVE, be sure to visit our website!