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3 RV Camping Tips for Beginners

Camping with an RV is an exciting and convenient way to explore the outdoors. Bring modern conveniences with you in your RV, and get a little extra comfort whether you’re staying at a traditional campground or making your own way in the wilderness. Don’t make rookie mistakes when you begin your RV camping journey!

Bring Extra Supplies

You will run out of things, lose things, and need things more than you realize. Extra hand sanitizer, towels, toilet paper, and food are just a few things you’ll want to have around. Bringing a sleeping bag you don’t think you’ll need or that third pair of jeans you aren’t expecting to wear can be the difference between a comfortable day or night and a miserable one.

Keep Things Clean

You’re eating outside where the weather, insects, and critters can get at your stuff. Keep things as organized as possible while you’re eating, and clean everything immediately when you’re done. Even one gust of wind can upset the paper napkins on your table, and one plate of food left out can attract gutsy squirrels or worse.

Practice Using Your Equipment

The worst time to realize you’re bad at putting up a tent or cooking on your portable stove is at the campsite, especially when it’s getting dark. So, practice putting up the tent in the backyard. Cook a meal or two using only your camping cookware. You don’t have to be perfect, but knowing some of the tricks to using this new equipment will ease your RV journey.

You’ll run into unexpected difficulties during every RV camping trip you take. Your first trip will be full of quite a few of them, but you can stave off some of the worst situations by being prepared. Take advice from people who’ve been there. Campground Membership Outlet is full of people with experience RV camping, so check it out and find your first campground membership today.