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3 First Road Trip Tips to Survive Your First RV Adventure

RV Road Trip Tips

Flying is quicker than driving. But traveling by plane means fewer choices and larger crowds. It’s no wonder flying in America is often a miserable experience. 

Road trips are much more than an alternative to overcrowded planes. Everybody should go on a road trip at least once in their life. And while cars are fine, an RV is the best way to see the country.

However, there is a lot riding on your first road trip. If you get it wrong, you’re leaving yourself to a lifetime of unpleasant air travel.

Read on for road trip tips that will help you get from Point A to Point B as smoothly as possible.

Keep the Trip Short

One of the best road trip tips? Start slow.

Once you’ve bought or rented an RV, you may feel tempted to drive all the way across the country the first time out.

But, that’s a bad idea. Take your RV out for a weekend test drive first.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with family or friends. You need to figure out how well the group gets along when you’re sleeping, driving, and eating in the same space for a couple of days.

Chances are, you’ll learn a few things. You can then adjust your trip plans accordingly next time.

For instance, a trip from California to Maine may sound fun but before you do that, take a trip from California to Nevada to see how things go.

Plan a Route with Campgrounds

When you’re traveling by car, it’s easier to pull over at almost any random rest stop. An RV makes stopping for the night both more necessary and more complicated.

It’s 2019, so you’re almost certainly using a GPS instead of an old-fashioned map. Before you leave, get directions and take note of campgrounds along the way.

Remember that some campgrounds require a membership before you can park there. Make sure to look for campground membership specials and promotions.

What if there’s no available space in the nearby campgrounds? In that case, it’s time to think about a trip to Walmart.

But this trip to Walmart isn’t for supplies. Or rather, it’s not only for supplies. Many Walmart’s around the country allow free overnight parking.

But that should be a final option. Your first option should always be a campground or something similar.

Avoid the Drive-Thru

A trip through the drive-thru is a road trip staple, but not when you’re in an RV.

Driving an RV is a bit like driving a pickup truck. At the same time, an RV takes up more space than a typical pickup.

Spatial awareness is key to driving an RV. In a car, you can often make a last-minute lane change. In an RV, you need a little more prep time.

Driving an RV means parking the RV and going inside to eat when you’re on the road. Use that time to stretch your legs and renew your sense of focus. You’ll need that focus once you get behind the wheel again.

More Road Trip Tips

Safety should be your top priority on any road trip. The good news is that you can figure out how to have fun on a road trip at the same time as you’re figuring out how to stay safe.

Want more road trip tips? We can help you figure out the campground side of things. Contact us to learn more.